World Cup memorabilWorld Cup memorabilia demonstrates a major draw for football fans in Qataria demonstrates a major draw for football fans in Qatar

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Football fans in Doha have been rushing to see an assortment of World Cup memorabilia put on act by two Qatari siblings and highlighting decorations, balls and shirts worn by any semblance of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as a few additional dark things.

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Fans from everywhere the world have had the option to see everything from a shirt gave to Netherlands winger Arjen Robben for the 2010 last in South Africa to Diego Maradona's USA 94 World Cup ID among the uncommon soccer curios possessed by the Almeer siblings, Esmael and Khalid.

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“I collected cards and stickers and swapped them with other children at school as a child in the USA. We moved back to Qatar but the love for collecting sports memorabilia stayed with me ever since,” Esmael told Reuters, explaining the genesis of the collection.

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.A previous player for Qatar's public youth groups, Esmael considered the competition to be an ideal chance to impart their assortments to the world.

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The shirts are displayed behind glass panels on the walls at Building 18 in the Katara cultural centre with other items, including a promotional ball for the 2002 World Cup signed by Pele and a staff pass for the 1966 final at Wembley, which are stored in glass cases.